BLA – Newsletter – October 2020

This is the first edition of the Erasmus + BLA – Be Like an Athlete project newsletter. This project combines the objectives of drawing a socialpsychological profile of student-athletes involved in dual careers programmes and contributing to the positive development of youth. The project will outline a transnational socio-psychological profile
of student-athletes involved in dual career programs. The aim is to improve sport and school results of those involved in dual careers programmes, while enhancing the balance of these two contexts. Simultaneously, through a better understanding of their social-psychological profile, BLA also aims to reduce youth withdraw from sport participation. this will help them to better acknowledge and develop their key personal, social, educational and emotional competencies. Furthermore, this profile will also have impact on those that are not involved in dual careers, improving, for example, their academic results and social competencies/skills. Direct participants are student-athletes from 12 to 18 years of age involved in dual career programmes, as well as non-athlete students.